How important is a home warranty?

If you’re purchasing a new home, it’s not too important because you’ve already got a lot of warranties built in by the home builder and the appliance manufacturers.

New construction home purchases make up a small percentage of all home sales, though, which means there are a lot of other homebuyers out there dealing with old appliances and the like. 

“For just $500 to $600, you can buy peace of mind.”

This is where home warranties become very valuable. For just $500 to $600, you can buy peace of mind. Your warranty will not only cover your most important appliances (furnace, water heater, refrigerator, etc.), but it will also cover your plumbing and electrical systems. 

Not to mention, your home warranty is renewable every year, so you can keep having that peace of mind until however long you like. 

Whether you want to get a home warranty or not is your decision, but I highly suggest you do so. 

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